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January 17, 2019

Urban Airship Buys Accengage to Expand European Business

Urban Airship Buys Accengage to Expand European Business

Urban Airship

Messaging platform Urban Airship has expanded its geographic reach by acquiring Accengage, which it says is Europe’s largest provider of mobile CRM and push notifications. Urban Airship does similar things but is strongest in the Americas, UK and Nordic countries.

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Integrate Buys ListenLoop for Programmatic B2B Advertising

PR Newswire

Integrate helps B2B marketers manage ad programs and move leads between systems. They don’t call themselves a CDP but do assemble target account lists from multiple sources. They’ve just bought ListenLoop, a B2B programmatic ad platform. This complements their existing ties to external ad networks.

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Purchase Decision Network Gives Marketers Access to Shopping List Data

Globe Newswire

Maybe you thought the ads in that free shopping list app paid for the service? Don’t be silly. Purchase Decision Network, which captures lists from more than 50 million monthly shoppers, is now selling the contents through Kiip, Kochava and LiveRamp to use on other networks. Creeped out that marketers can send ads based on your shopping list? Feel better knowing that PDN won’t tell them your name?

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