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January 18, 2019

Most Facebook Users Don't Know It Classifies Them

Most Facebook Users Don’t Know It Classifies Them: Pew Research

Pew Research Center

I know you’re not that interested in privacy news, Dear Reader, but figure I can still slip in the occasional factiod. For example: a Pew study that found 74% of Facebook users don’t know the platform classifies their interests and 51% are not comfortable when they find out. Oh, and 27% say Facebook gets it wrong. Bear the first two figures in mind the next time someone says data gathering is based on consent. Remember the last one when you think about using that data for your own targeting.

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Americans Distrust Social Media Information: Tapatalk


Social media users might not understand the details of profiling, but they’re not entirely clueless. Tapatalk found that 74% agreed that the integrity of social media sites has declined and 80% would trust responses on a specialized forum more than responses on Facebook. Tapatalk runs specialized forums but that doesn’t wholly invalidate their results.

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Instagram Sells Ads for Banned Services: TechCrunch Investigation


What can Facebook and friends do to regain public trust? Banning services that sell fake followers is a good start, as Facebook-owned Instagram did not long ago. But selling ads to companies that violate the ban is an even better way to make things worse. Sure enough, TechCrunch found that’s exactly what’s been happening. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. I thought so.

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