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January 21, 2019

Automation Leads to More Jobs

Online Video Fuels Rise in Over-the-Air TV


Hi, it’s Jamie, your faithful Department of the Obvious Intern. We’ve been having a slow year so I’m helping our Department of Counter-Intuitive Results. Lots of fun over there and they have better snacks. One hot item: Internet video has led to a rise in over-the-air TV viewing. Nielsen found that people who don’t want to pay for cable have discovered they can get their local broadcasts for free with this thing called an “antenna”. It’s like wi-fi without a router. Amazing!

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Automation Leads to More Jobs: ManpowerGroup


Here’s another counter-intuitive gem: companies expect to hire more employees as they add automation. This from staffing agency ManpowerGroup. There’s some statistical sleight-of-hand here: companies that automate are growing but may add fewer jobs than are lost by the competitors they displace. Manpower finds that administrative and accounting jobs are most at risk. Unpaid interns seem to be safe.

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Chatbots Make Service Worse: NetSuite Study

Oracle NetSuite

I can’t decide if a report that most consumers find chatbots annoying qualifies as obvious because, well, they are, or as non-obvious because most retail executives think chatbots make customers happy. Either way, this report funded by Oracle NetSuite documents dangerous gap between what customers want (a simple, streamlined experience) and what companies are delivering (lots of annoying interactions). Worth a look.

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