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September 24, 2019

Confluent Raises $125 Million for Open Source Event Streaming

Confluent Raises $125 Million Series D for Open Source Event Streaming Engine


Stream processing – which treats data as a continuous stream of events – is increasingly important to marketers and CDPs. Confluent, whose founders created the open source Apache Kafka streaming data engine, just raised a $125 million Series D, bringing their total to $206 million. It’s yet another example of open source technology in the marketing stack.

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Smartphones Have Eaten Your Life: Allen & Gerritsen Study

Allen & Gerritsen

Smartphones are the source of many event streams. This study from ad agency Allen & Gerritsen takes a close look at the impact they’re had and the time they consume. Did you know that 71% of Americans sleep with or near their phone? Exciting and scary, to misquote Stephen Sondheim.

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Most Consumers Will Trade Privacy for Discounts: Blis Study


Smartphones also raise privacy issues, especially regarding location data. This study from location tech vendor Blis takes a good look at consumer attitudes. Like other studies, it finds about one-third of consumers don’t want to share their data at all and the rest will trade it for discounts or similar benefits, often at a very low price. For example: 70% would let Amazon see their shopping history on competitive sites in return for a discounted shopping cart.

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