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January 25, 2019

Salesforce Expands Datorama Integration Capabilities

Salesforce Expands Datorama Integration Capabilities


Salesforce still doesn’t call its Datorama acquisition a Customer Data Platform, but they’re continuing to evolve it in CDP-like directions. Latest steps include expanded options to build custom integrations, tighter integration with Salesforce’s own systems, and custom triggers to let other systems act on Datorama results. The focus is still on campaign-level data, not individual customers. But AdExchanger reports that connectors to CRM and other first-party sources are in the works, pulling Datorama ever closer to CDP applications.

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Thunderhead Adds AI-Based Intent Clusters


Journey orchestration engine Thunderhead is resold by Salesforce but remains an independent company. They’ve just announced Intent Analyzer, which uses AI to analyze customer-level behaviors and find useful clusters. Thunderhead builds a unified customer database but positions itself as a digital transformation tool, not a CDP.

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Verizon Offers Customer Experience Tools


Jamie is still on loan to our Department of Counter-Intuitive Results. He offers news that Verizon, a telecom provider not usually associated with great customer experience, is selling a suite of customer service tools. These connect self-service and call center systems with a unified customer view and apply AI to select customer treatments. The ads just write themselves: Now you can offer your own customers that great Verizon experience!

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