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January 28, 2019

Facebook Certifies Two Brand Safety Partners

Facebook Certifies Two Brand Safety Partners


Positive stories about Facebook are rare these days, so it’s news that we have one: Facebook has expanded its Marketing Partner certification program to include Brand Safety products, which help advertisers avoid placements on sites they want to avoid. The first two partners are DoubleVerify, which verifies traffic quality, and OpenSlate, which rates site content.

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Google Chrome API Change Would Disable Ad Blockers, Anti-Virus, and Privacy Programs


Alas, we have more typically negative news about Google. They’ve announced an API change that would prevent most ad blockers from working in their Chrome browser. The change would also disable many antivirus, parental control, and privacy-enhancing services. Yikes! Google might change its plan in response to industry complaints.

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Video Ads Most Annoying to Ad Blocker Users: Visual Objects Research

Visual Objects

Speaking of ad blockers, creative portfolio Website Visual Objects found they’re twice as common on desktop than mobile devices and that video ads are the most annoying of all. The study quotes Statista research showing nearly one-third of computers use some form of blocker and the usage continues to grow.

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