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December 16, 2016

Data-Driven Advertising Keeps Growing: Salesforce Exploits Krux, DataXu Uses nToggle, IAB on IoT

Salesforce Starts Integrating Krux for Cross-Channel Advertising and Analytics


Unlike most Data Management Platforms, Krux has expanded beyond anonymous cookies to build cross-channel identities with personally identifiable data such as customer records from CRM systems.  So it added a huge potential to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud when Salesforce purchased Krux last month.  Some of that potential was fulfilled yesterday with three new capabilities: tracking ad impressions to individuals across channels for frequency caps and such; using any Salesforce data to define Krux audiences for mobile and Web advertising; and using Krux data in AI-powered “Einstein Journey Insights” dashboards.  This sounds like a Customer Data Platform but Krux data isn’t necessarily available to systems outside of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

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DataXu Expands Use of nToggle to Handle More Volume


Unifying known and anonymous records is one way to improve marketing effectiveness.  Another is to take better advantage of the ad impressions that can be purchased through bidding.   Those impressions are not tied to known individuals although plenty of other information about the target is in the header presented to bidders.  nToggle prescreens programmatic ad headers to help ad buying engines find the best opportunities.  Today's news: the DataXu real time bidding platform is expanding use of nToggle so Dataxu can consider more impressions. 

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IAB Report: Consumers Willing to Receive Ads on IoT Devices (As If They Had a Choice)

Interactive Advertising Bureau

You probably weren’t worried about running out of places to advertise. But in case you were, here's some good news: the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that 62% of U.S. adults already own an Internet-connected device and 65% of owners are willing to receive ads on those devices.  The most popular devices were connected or smart TVs or streaming devices, owned by 47%.  These were trailed by wearable health trackers (24%), Internet-enabled home control devices (17%), connected cars (16%), and smart watches (13%).  Needless to say, advertising on those devices will be driven by customer data.  Even more needless to say, advertising on those devices is inevitable.

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