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February 6, 2019

Gainsight Adds Product Management Support

Gainsight Adds Product Management Support


Customer success system vendor Gainsight has added a platform to support product managers. Features include product analytics, customer feedback reporting, personalized experiences, and key performance indicators. Gainsight calls its system a Product Experience Platform, which would yield the cheerful acronym of PEP.

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Databricks Raises $250 Million for Data Analytics


Databricks doesn’t have a snappy acronym but they’ve eased the pain with a $250 million Series E to grow their data analytics business. Databricks is a primary contributor to the open source Apache Spark analytics engine. Its revenue, now over $100 million, comes from a Spark-based Unified Analytics platform that simplifies preparation of analytical data and creation of machine learning models. They are not as customer-focused as a CDP but there’s surely some overlap.

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Wayfair Increases Ad Sales from Nothing to Almost Nothing


Speaking of unrelated, Digiday reports that online furniture retailer Wayfair is emulating Amazon by selling product ads on its site. But while Amazon had nearly $2.5 billion in ad revenue in Q3 2018, Wayfair had under $13 million.

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