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February 7, 2019

Google Connects Analytics 360 Audiences to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Google Connects Analytics 360 Web Audiences to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Emails


Google will soon make good on its promise to make Google Analytics 360 audiences available for activation in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. No mention I could find of how they connect Web visitors to email addresses. Either they don’t want to remind us they often lack that data or they don’t want to remind us they always have it.

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Facebook Makes Campaign Optimization Mandatory


Facebook also knows more than it sometimes admits. Apparently, this includes how to do your job as a marketer: they’ve announced that advertisers will no longer be able to set budgets for individual ads within a campaign. Instead, Facebook will automatically allocate your funds to the most profitable ads. Whether that’s most profitable for you or for Facebook isn’t clear. But, hey, it’s Facebook – why wouldn’t you trust them?

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ANA Pushes to Loosen California Privacy Law


When California passed a strong Consumer Privacy Act last year, many expected it would be watered down before taking effect in 2020. So far that hasn’t happened and, with the deadline fast approaching, it seemed the law might keep its teeth. Or not: it turns out that California is still working on regulations to implement the law and, sure enough, the Association of National Advertisers and other groups are lobbying hard to limit its impact. We’ll see if public concerns about privacy can overcome industry pressure. Anybody taking bets?

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