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February 15, 2019

Merkle Offers Entry-Level Unified Customer View

Merkle Offers Entry-Level Unified Customer View


Database marketing agency Merkle has launched an “entry-level data management offering” that integrates multiple data sources and makes the results available for analysis. The company stresses that Rapid Audience Layer falls short of a full-scale customer database. It does data hygiene and identity resolution to build a unified customer view but is limited to structured inputs and analytical reporting.

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Bridgeline Digital Buys Celebros Site Search and SeeVolution Web Analytics

Bridgeline Digital

Bridgeline Digital, which offers a suite of cloud-based Web content management, ecommerce, and marketing automation systems, has acquired Celebros semantic ecommerce site search technology and SeeVolution Web analytics. The deal adds new depth to Bridgeline’s already-broad set of capabilities.

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Affinity Raises $26.5 Million Series B for Relationship Intelligence


Finally, relationship intelligence vendor Affinity has raised a $26.5 million Series B. Affinity scans data such as emails, contact lists, and calendar events to measure relationships and identify opportunities. Yes, there’s tons of artificial intelligence under the hood.

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