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February 19, 2019

Bad News for Facebook Just Keeps Coming

Bad News for Facebook Just Keeps Coming

Data Breach Today

In quick succession, we learn the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is considering a multi-billion (with a B) fine for privacy violations; the federal Government Accountability Office is recommending tighter privacy regulation, and a British Parliament report has called them “digital gangsters”. That's gotta hurt.  Maybe they won’t take over the world after all.

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Google Drops Change That Cripple Would Ad Blockers in Chrome

ZD Net

Perhaps Google won’t be our new overlords, either. They’ve abandoned a plan to modify the Chrome browser in a way that would have crippled competing ad blockers and other tools. The change followed a study by ad blocking vendor Ghostery that disproved Google’s claim that ad blockers slow down page loads. In fact, they speed them up. Honest mistake by Google? You decide.

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Nearly 300 Blockchain-Based Marketing Systems: NeverstopMarketing


Since we’re uncharacteristically cheery today, let’s ignore the hype and remember blockchain’s potential for privacy and ad fraud prevention. That makes it good news to find more than 290 blockchain-based marketing systems. NeverStopMarketing, which helps blockchain start-ups, has inevitably packaged the research in a logo-scape, which shows the most crowded categories are ad supply chain, ecommerce, and personal data management.

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