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February 20, 2019

SmarterHQ Adds CDP-Style Customer Profiles

SmarterHQ Adds CDP-Style Customer Profiles


Lots of interesting news today, Dear Reader. First we have the launch of what sounds like a Customer Data Platform inside of behavioral marketing platform SmarterHQ. “Profile Data Collect” combines CRM, persona and loyalty data with behavioral data to support marketing campaigns. The difference from a true CDP is that, so far as I can tell, the data can only be used within SmarterHQ. Also, SmarterHQ does message delivery – a capability that makes them too broad to be considered a CDP but not from having a “CDP inside”. Yes, it’s confusing.

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Kibo Commerce Platform Purchases Certona Personalization System


Meanwhile, commerce platform Kibo Software is also broadening its scope, in their case by purchasing behavioral personalization vendor Certona. Kibo, which offers solutions for retailers and manufacturers, was itself bought by private equity firm Vista Equity Partners in 2015. Kibo made four acquisitions the following year but this is the first since then.

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Bridgeline Digital Purchases OrchestraCMS

Globe Newswire

More corporate canoodling: Bridgeline Digital is purchasing OrchestraCMS, the primary asset of bankrupt Stantive Technologies Group, for about $5 million. OrchestraCMS is a native Salesforce AppCloud app. If Bridgeline rings a bell, that’s they purchased SeeVolution’s Web analytics and Celebros site search assets just last week. You do not want to look at Bridgeline’s stock price.

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