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February 21, 2019

Attribution Geeks, Today is Your Day

AppsFlyer Expands Journey Tracking Beyond Mobile


Attribution geeks, your day has come. We have three items on the topic. First: mobile attribution specialist AppsFlyer has added a suite of “people-based attribution” products which expand beyond mobile to “provide one holistic view of the customer journey across multiple touchpoints, connected devices, digital platforms, and media channels.”

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Singular Offers Cross-Device, Cross-Platform Campaign ROI


Next, marketing measurement vendor Singular has announced “the first-ever cross-platform and cross-device ROI analytics solution”. It combines marketing spend data with customer behaviors gathered by its own SDKs and external systems to give ROI by campaign, publisher, creative, customer cohorts, and, yes, individual users.

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Kochava Connects Mobile Web and In-App Ads on Same Device

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Finally, connected device data vendor Kochava has expanded its ability to connect on mobile Web and in-app ad consumption on the same device, using deterministic rather than probabilistic methods. It’s not clear exactly what’s new but they seem very excited.

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