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February 22, 2019

Lytics Raises $35 Million Series C

Lytics Raises $35 Million Series C


It’s always a good day when we have actual CDP news for you, Dear Reader. Here’s some now: Lytics has raised a $35 million Series C, bringing its total funding to $58 million. The money will be used to grow product development, sales, and marketing. Huzzah.

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mParticle Expands Audience Creation Features


More CDP news: mParticle has enhanced its audience management features. Lifetime Audiences lets marketers use data older than 90 days to build audience lists. User Attribute Forwarding lets exported audiences include attributes beyond customer identifiers. mParticle can also create real-time audiences with its AudienceSync feature.

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Marketing Evolution Adds Automated Data Quality Monitoring

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution combines data from multiple sources, but it’s not a CDP because it works at the campaign rather than customer level. One thing they share with CDPs is a need for quality inputs. So it’s relevant that they’ve just added automated features to assess and validate quality as new data is loaded into the system.

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