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February 25, 2019

Connected TV Overtakes Mobile in Share of Video Ads

Connected TV Overtakes Mobile in Share of Video Ads Served: Extreme Reach Report

Extreme Reach

Remember when being “mobile first” seemed so important? That is so 2018. Connected TV (CTV) devices are now where it’s at, according to ad asset management vendor Extreme Reach. Their latest report shows that CTV served more video ad impressions (44%) than mobile devices (30%) in the final quarter of 2018. The mobile share peaked in Q4 2017 at 39%, when the CTV share was just 16%.

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Nielsen Buys Sorenson Media to Help Deliver Smart TV Ads


Nielsen is also excited about connected TV: they’ve just bought Sorenson Media, which helps to deliver addressable TV ads. Sorenson will join Nielsen acquisitions including Gracenote (automatic content recognition, which reports what’s viewers are watching) and Qterics (smart TV software and privacy management). They’ll all be part of an “Advanced Video Advertising” group whose mission is to provide tech to deliver ads, not just measure them.

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Mobile Still Dominates Total Ad Market: eMarketer


But don’t abandon mobile just yet. When you take non-video ads into account, it’s still king: eMarketer reports mobile will account for $87 billion in U.S. media spend this year. That’s two-thirds of all digital advertising and just over one-third of the entire total ($238 billion). eMarketer pegs non-digital TV at just $71 billion.

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