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December 20, 2016

Nielsen Buys Gracenote for Content Metadata; Datorama Builds Voice Interface to Alexa; BlueVenn Combines CDP with Journeys and Orchestration

Nielsen Acquires Gracenote to Better Understand Who Consumes What Content


Audience measurement giant Nielsen is acquiring Gracenote, which provides descriptions of TV shows, movies, music, and other content to program guides on TVs, connected devices, in-car entertainment systems, and online services.   Nielsen says it will tie the data into its audience measurement framework, helping marketers to target customers and optimize campaigns in real time.  In other words, they're adding another type of information to customer profiles. 

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Datorama Lets Marketers Ask Alexa for Help


I’m skeptical of voice interfaces for complex interactions like data analysis, but Datorama apparently thinks Amazon Alexa is up to the task.  They’re just announced an Alexa function called “Ask Datorama Anything” that gives access to the unified data assembled in Datorama’s Customer Data Platform.   Voice commands can kick off reports and processes.  Interesting. 

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BlueVenn Bundles Omnichannel Journey Management, Personalization, and Single Customer View

Customer Experience Matrix Blog

BlueVenn combines a Customer Data Platform with journey management and personalization.  Here’s a review from the Customer Experience Matrix.

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