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February 28, 2019

IgnitionOne Predicts Performance of Ad Creative Before It Runs

IgnitionOne Predicts Performance of Ad Creative Before It Runs

Globe Newswire

IgnitionOne, a CDP with broad analytical and personalization functions, has added an AI-driven ability to predict the performance of advertising creative. Predictions are based on past performance of content that IgnitionOne’s visual recognition engine has classified as similar. Interesting.

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LiveRamp Gives Ad Buyers and Sellers Free Use of Its Person ID


LiveRamp, working hard to make its cross-channel identity graph an industry standard, is giving programmatic bidding platforms free access to its people-based identifier. It already gives free access to supply-side (publisher) platforms via the Advertising ID Consortium. The result should be more reliable tracking of individuals, especially as cookies fade from the scene. This may not please privacy advocates but LiveRamp argues it allows more reliable opt-outs.

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Voxnest Launches Ad Network for Podcasts

PR Newswire

Bored with display ads? Podcasting is arguably the hottest new medium right now, although voice and video advocates might differ. That would be a fun mud-wrestling match but I digress. Voxnest has just launched what it says is the first marketplace for in-audio advertising inventory, making it easier to purchase large, demographically-targeted podcast audiences. No individually-targeted ads here. Yet.

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