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March 4, 2019

Walmart Bolsters Ecommerce Search with Aspectiva Acquisition

Walmart Bolsters Ecommerce Search with Aspectiva Acquisition


Walmart has been doing all sorts interesting things to counter the advances of Amazon. Here’s the latest: purchase of natural language processing specialist Aspectiva, which analyzes customer reviews and uses the result to fine-tune ecommerce search results. The result is higher conversion rates.

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zenloop Raises $6 Million for Customer Feedback Analysis

Nauta Capital

Berlin-based zenloop also uses machine learning to understand customer feedback, although its more along the lines of using Net Promoter Score feedback to identify actions that will reduce customer churn. They just raised $6 million, their first public funding.

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InMoment Correlates Business Results with Customer and Employee Feedback


Want still more feedback? InMoment creates a unified view with survey, panel, and review feedback from customers and employees. They just added Market Experience Cloud, which adds information such as campaign results, product performance, and competitive activities.

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