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March 5, 2019

SessionM Integrates with Tulip to Deliver Customer Data to Retail Floor

SessionM Integrates with Tulip to Deliver Customer Data to Retail Floor


Lots of CDP-ish news for you today, Dear Reader. We’ll start with CDP-in-good-standing SessionM, which has just partnered with clienteling platform Tulip to give retail staff live access to SessionM’s detailed customer profiles and recommendations. It’s a perfect example of Customer Data Platform handing its information to an external delivery system.

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Bluecore Launches Email System with CDP Inside


On the other hand, retail email specialist Bluecore has crossed that boundary by tying its delivery engine directly to an internal CDP. Bluecore’s new product creates a unified view with customer, product, and behavioral data. This would probably meet the technical definition of a CDP if the data is shared with external systems. But even then, we’d call Bluecore a “delivery system with a CDP inside” rather than a CDP. This blog post tries to explain the distinction.

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aqfer Builds Data Marketplace with CDP Toolkit

Globe Newswire

aqfer has all the pieces of a CDP but refers to itself as a “CDP Toolkit”, perhaps to indicate it is providing components rather than packaged software. They’ve just launched a new marketplace that helps data owners buy and sell personal data. Launch partners include ShareThis and AirDXP, which help to identify otherwise-anonymize web traffic.

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