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March 6, 2019

DiscoverOrg Buys Email Verifier NeverBounce

DiscoverOrg Buys Email Verifier NeverBounce

Globe Newswire

B2B data compiler DiscoverOrg has purchased NeverBounce, which provides email verification and list cleaning. DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo, which DiscoverOrg purchased last month, are both already NeverBounce customers. So you can think of this as a bit of tidying up within the on-going consolidation of the B2B data industry.

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Technology Declines as Barrier to Data Use: Winterberry/IAB Survey


Did I say consolidating? Don’t confuse that with shrinking. Winterberry Group’s latest analysis of the data industry, prepared for IAB, finds plenty of reason to expect growth. Indeed, 78% of industry executives in the survey expected to spend more on data in 2019. (Ok, the study is about B2C audience data not B2B prospect data. But we still get style points for a nice transition, don’t you think?) Quite a bit here on trends since 2017; one positive note is that companies are now much less likely to cite technology or internal expertise as barriers to data usage.

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Customer Data Maturity Lags at Most Companies: Forrester/Tealium Study


Don’t get too cocky: most firms still struggle with data activation, according to this study by Forrester for Tealium. Indeed just 6% activate their customer data across core functions in a coordinated manner. I don’t understand what that means, either, but it doesn’t sound good. Worth a look.

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