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March 7, 2019

SurveyMonkey Scampers onto the Web with Usabilla Purchase

SurveyMonkey Scampers onto the Web with Usabilla Purchase


Online survey vendor SurveyMonkey has bought Usabilla, which captures feedback from Web site users. It’s a natural extension of SurveyMonkey’s business. Price was $80 million.

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Decibel Insight Traces Users Through Online Journey


Decibel Insight offers its own take on Web user experience, monitoring behavior down to mouse movements and building several levels of summary metrics that culminate in a single Digital Experience Score, their “universal metric for measuring experiences online”. They’ve just launched a new version that analyzes individual sessions as part of a larger journey.

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Inuvo Adds Intent Data to AppNexus Programmatic Marketplace


Inuvo does yet another type of Web analysis, deriving concepts and relationships from words and phrases within online content and then using content consumption to infer user intent. The end result is used for ad targeting. Inuvo just announced a deal to integrate its data with the AppNexus programmable ad platform, which will make the data available on more than 60 ad exchanges.

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