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March 13, 2019

Consumers Want Control, Not Personalization: Alliance Data Study

Consumers Want Control, Not Personalization: Alliance Data Study

Alliance Data

We’ve made this point before, but new surveys keep driving it home: marketers are more excited about personalization than consumers. Alliance Data puts it clearly: “Nearly 98 percent of marketers claimed personalization was an important or very important need while consumers rated all but two personalization-related needs as unimportant.” What does matter? The report says that control over email frequency is consumers’ top unmet need. An important read.

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Consumers Want Retail Convenience: BRP Consulting Survey

BRP Consulting

On the other hand, BRP Consulting argues that marketers should give consumers more personalization, not less. They found 87% of consumers want a “personalized and consistent experience across channels” while just 53% of retailers make personalization a top priority. But BRP is looking at convenience features, such as a shopping cart shared across channels or real time inventory visibility, not personalized offers.

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ABM Growth Is Slowing: Terminus and Heinz Marketing


And while we’re questioning assumptions, maybe Account Based Marketing isn’t so important, either. ABM vendor Terminus and the Heinz Marketing agency found that just 61% of organizations said they’re using ABM, compared with 81% one year ago. The percentage planning a budget increase similarly dropped from 82% to 60%. Thinking positive, the report argues the slower growth is a sign of maturity.

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