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March 15, 2019

Content Marketing Platform Percolate Raises $32 Million

Content Marketing Platform Percolate Raises $32 Million

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We’ve been starved for news this week but here’s a juicy funding announcement: $32 million to content marketing platform vendor Percolate. The deal brings Percolate’s total funding to $106 million.

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Contentful Centralizes Content Creation


While we’re on the topic, content development platform Contentful also has an announcement: an “authoring hub” to create content that can be shared across all digital platforms. One CMS to rule them all, you might say.

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StoryFit Raises $1.75 Million for AI-Based Creative Advice


Percolate and Contentful both streamline the mechanics of content creation, but StoryFit just raised $1.75 million to shape the stories themselves. Near as I can tell, the AI-based system acts as a sort of anti-creative director, suggesting changes to script and book ideas that would make them more like past stories that were popular. Sadly, they failed to name it robo-hack.

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