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March 26, 2019

Salesforce Promises CDP of the Future, In the Future

Salesforce Promises CDP of the Future, In the Future


After dismissing Customer Data Platforms as a “passing fad”, Salesforce has now promised to build one. In the standard move for a vendor that has fallen behind the market, they have pre-announced that they’ll reveal “more details” in June. No word on when an actual product might be available.

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Apache Unomi CDP Reaches Top Level Project Status

Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Unomi CDP standard doesn’t just exist: it has been named a Top Level Project, meaning its community has demonstrated an acceptable level of governance and now gets its own Project Management Committee. Unomi functions include visitor profile management, privacy management, segmentation, user/event/goal tracking, reporting, personas, A/B testing, and more.

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Contentstack Offers Connectors to AI Solutions from Amazon, Google, IBM, and Salesforce


Contentstack is a cross-channel content management system, not a CDP. But it does rely on unified customer data for personalization. In fact, it just launched prebuilt integrations for major AI platforms including Amazon, Google, IBM and Salesforce that draw on that data. It’s an interesting illustration of how much easier integration has become in recent years – which in turn shows the reduced grip that unified product suites like Salesforce have on their clients.

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