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March 28, 2019

Leadspace Adds Targeting for Digital Ads

Leadspace Adds Targeting for Digital Ads


I know you’d love more information about Adobe’s CDP-like Open Database Initiative, Dear Reader, but their press release has too little new information to justify a newsletter item. So I’ll give you some news about real CDP vendors instead, starting with a report that Leadspace has added the ability to target digital ads based on its lead scores and collected data.

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Consumers Less Satisfied with Personalized Experience Than Marketers Think: RedPoint Global Report

RedPoint Global

Next, a Harris Poll survey sponsored by RedPoint Global finds that consumers are less satisfied with their personalized experiences than marketers think they are. We’ve heard that before but there’s considerable detail here that’s worth a look if you watch this topic closely. Consumers and marketers do agree that privacy is the most important aspect of customer experience

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38% of Consumers Have Abandoned a Brand After Bad Experience: Thunderhead Survey


And here’s another poll, this from Thunderhead, which is technically a CDP but (accurately) describes itself as a journey orchestration engine. They find that 38% of consumers have stopped buying from a brand as a result of a bad experience and 82% share their frustrations on social media. A whopping 94% said they’re frustrated by disjointed encounters. Yes, whopping.

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