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March 29, 2019

G2 Launches Tool to Identify Underused Software Licenses

G2 Launches Tool to Identify Underused Software Licenses


G2 started as a software review site but now aspires to nothing less than “revolutionizing the way businesses discover, buy and manage software technology and related services.” To move in that direction they just released G2 Track, which combines product usage data with corporate financial information to compare the software companies are using with the software they’re paying for. The goal is to identify systems that are underused or not used at all. Usage comes from Siftery, which G2 bought last December.

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Adomni Lets Marketers Buy Out of Home Ads By Audience Not Location


Most marketers would much rather manage media purchases than software licenses. Adomni, a platform to help buy digital out-of-home ads, is making that even more fun by adding the ability to purchase such ads based on audience characteristics rather than location. The secret is data from PlacedIQ that matches ad locations with information about the people who pass near that location.

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More than Half of US Homes Can Be Reached by Addressable TV Ads: Video Advertising Bureau

Video Advertising Bureau

TV advertising is a vastly larger market than out-of-home. It’s also getting an upgrade, in the form of increasing ability to address ads to individuals. More than half (54%) of US households now have an addressable TV, according to this report from the Video Advertising Bureau. They estimate spend will reach $3.3 billion by 2020.

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