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April 1, 2019

CleverTap Adds Recommendation Engine to Mobile Marketing System

CleverTap Adds Recommendation Engine to Mobile Marketing System


CleverTap, a mobile marketing platform that also casually refers to itself as a CDP, has added a recommendation engine to its bag of tricks. This is a fully automated tool for marketers: deployment takes just minutes.

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Applicaster Raises $20 Million for Mobile and OTT Apps


Applicaster, which helps companies build apps for mobile devices and connected TVs, has raised $20 million to grow its business. The raise brings its total funding to just over $30 million. Applicaster is more for technical users than marketers.

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Feds Sue Facebook for Housing Discrimination


In the mood for some Face-bashing? You’ll have to stand in line behind the US Department of House and Urban Development, which just sued Facebook for enabling housing discrimination by letting advertisers target ads in distinctly discriminatory ways. This after Facebook removed age, gender, and Zip code targeting for housing, employment, and credit ads -- after blithely permitting them for years – and even banned white nationalist and separatist content after figuring out that they are inextricably associated with hate groups. Clueless doesn’t do them justice.

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