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April 4, 2019

CDP Institute Launches RealCDP Certification Program

CDP Institute Launches RealCDP to Certify CDP Systems

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute today launched RealCDP, a program to certify that systems meet the Institute’s definition of a Customer Data Platform. The project offers a five-point checklist that any CDP must meet. It is intended to reduce confusion in the CDP market.  Qualified vendors will get a spiffy badge for their Web site.

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Segment Raises $175 Million Series D

Globe Newswire

CDP vendor Segment has raised a $175 million Series D funding, bringing its total funding to $284 million. Segment calls itself as a customer data infrastructure system, reflecting its focus on customer data management rather than analytical or personalization functions.

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CaliberMind Adds Incremental Attribution

EIN Newswire

Sticking with CDP news, CaliberMind has added what it calls “chain based attribution” to its system. The methodology compares different customer journey paths to identify the incremental impact of each channel on results. Designed for B2B marketers, it works at the account level.

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