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April 5, 2019

IBM Sells Marketing Platform Business to Centerbridge Partners

IBM Sells Marketing Platform Business to Centerbridge Partners


IBM is selling its marketing and commerce software business to private investment firm Centerbridge Partners. Centerbridge intends to form a standalone company from the assets. It’s Centerbridge’s first big martech investment and the end of a long history of marketing software at IBM.

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Blueshift Adds App Framework and Repositions as Customer Data Activation Platform

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CDP Blueshift has added an app framework to expose its personalization functions to other systems. It has marked the change by repositioning itself as a Customer Data Activation Platform, clarifying its difference from CDPs that focus primarily on building a unified customer database. Although it does that too.

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Lytics Adds Audience Discovery

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CDP Lytics is also highlighting its ability to use the data it assembles, in its case by launching a feature to identify audience segments with high or low conversion probabilities. The company, which raised a $35 million Series C in February, promises more insight features later this year. It hasn’t (yet) renamed itself as a Customer Data Insight Platform.

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