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April 9, 2019

Okta Launches $50 Million Investment Fund for Identity Innovation

Okta Launches $50 Million Investment Fund for Identity Innovation


Here’s a leftover from yesterday’s identity news: Okta, which offers enterprise identity solutions, has launched a $50 million investment fund to nurture identity and privacy innovations. Investments include Trusted Key, a blockchain-based digital identity company. Separately, Okta announced a modular Identity Engine that lets users construct custom identity experiences. Don’t get too excited: the identity engine won’t be ready until the second half of 2019.

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Integrate Buys Akkroo for Event Lead Capture


Integrate last week announced a $34 million acquisition of Akkroo, which captures leads at in-person events. The deal fills a gap in Integrate’s ability to smooth the flow of data between marketing and sales.

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Certain Releases Real-Time Platform for Event Data


Since we’re on the topic, event automation vendor Certain recently unveiled a real-time event data platform that makes it easier to react to attendee behavior by integrating event data into complex processes. The platform, called Signal, has integrations with marketing automation, CRM, and other systems.

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