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April 12, 2019

LiveRamp Buys Faktor Consent Management Platform

LiveRamp Buys Faktor Consent Management Platform


LiveRamp’s business is built on tracking consumers across platforms, so it makes sense in a fox-guarding-the-chickens sort of way for them to be in the business of preserving privacy as well. They’ve just bought Faktor, an Amsterdam-based consent management platform that will become part of their suite of privacy compliance tools.

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Consumers Will Trade Data for Personalized Media If They Decide What to Share


Let’s stick with privacy. Here we have a Google-funded study that finds the usual contradiction: two-thirds of consumers said they’d share some data with a voice assistant to enhance their experience, but three-quarters are not comfortable that their device is always listening. That’s not really a contradiction, of course: consumers are willing to share so long as they control what they reveal.

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Most Internet Users See Need for Ads But Support Ad Blockers Anyway


This survey from ad blocking platform eyeo offers another contradiction: 80% of UK online users recognize the importance of advertising to free internet services but 81% still think it’s fair to use ad blocking software. The study reports 22% are actually using an ad blocker. While 71% of ad blocking users are trying to avoid ads, a hefty 49% aim to enhance privacy/security.

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