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April 15, 2019

CleverTap Raises $26 Million for Customer Engagement

CleverTap Raises $26 Million for Customer Engagement


Customer engagement platform CleverTap has raised a $26 million Series B, bringing total funding to $41.6 million. CleverTap started with mobile marketing but it now supports other channels and includes a CDP among its features.

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Zaius Adds Automated Marketing Assistant


Zaius positions itself as a combination CRM, email service provider, data science platform, and, of course, CDP. That wasn’t enough, so they’ve now added a “data science-powered marketing assistant” that will suggest campaign segments based on predictive models (likely to churn, likely to buy, etc.), identify under-exposed products, and probably do other clever things. They’ve named it ZAM for obvious reasons.

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Walmart Buys Polymorph Labs to Improve Ad Sales


Walmart isn’t selling a CDP yet. But they did just buy Polymorph Labs, which will help their advertising clients to target Walmart shoppers. You did know that Walmart sells ads, right?  It's part of their "Anything Amazon Does We Can Do Better" program.

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