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April 16, 2019

Publicis Pays $4 Billion for Data-Driven Marketing Agency Epsilon

Publicis Pays $4 Billion for Data-Driven Marketing Agency Epsilon


Ad agency giant Publicis announced a $4 billion purchase of data-driven marketing agency Epsilon from Alliance Data. The deal illustrates the transformation of mass media into addressable advertising. Attentive readers will recall that Alliance announced Epsilon was on the block last November and that Publicis competitor IPG announced its purchase of Epsilon competitor Acxiom for $2.3 billion last July.

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40% of Ad Views Delivered on Connected TV Device: FreeWheel Report


Need evidence that mass media is increasingly addressable? Try this study from Comcast-owned FreeWheel Research reports that 40% of all ad views were delivered on a connected TV device in 2018. Half of advertisers and agencies combine the buying of digital video and linear (broadcast) TV today and 91% say they will by 2021.

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Direct-to-Consumer Buyers Favor Connected TV of Social and Ecommerce Sites: Telaria


Connected TV means more than addressing individual consumers: it means consumers can buy things through their video device. Sure enough, this study from Telaria and Hulu shows that connected TVs are the medium of choice for buyers of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. DTC buyers spend 70% more time streaming TV than using social media and 80% of DTC shoppers think DTC brands give them a closer relationship than shopping on Amazon. Serving this market is another way that Publicis will benefit from Epsilon’s direct marketing heritage.

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