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January 3, 2017

New Tech to Create Alternate Realities: Uru, Cimagine, Hubblo

Uru Raises $800,000 to Create Content-Aware Advertisements

Business Wire

New York City-based Cornell Tech Startup Studio has hatched its first externally-funded chick, a company called Uru that promises “computer vision-powered, content-aware advertisements”. That sounded super-cool until I actually saw what they did, which is insert logos onto flat surfaces in existing videos. The real trick apparently is to figure out the subject of the video so you insert the right logo – for example, ski company logos into ski videos. They also ensure the video stays in the background when someone moves "in front" of it.  My favorite part is that one of startup advisors was co-founder of something called Anchovi Labs, which is one of the best company names ever.

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Snapchat Acquires Cimagine Augmented Reality Platform for Reported $30-$40 Million


Here’s a meatier item, at least in terms of (non-virtual) money: Snapchat is reported to have bought Israeli augmented reality start-up Cimagine. The main current application is showing buyers what a product would look like in place – say, a new logo on an existing display or new sofa in your living room. But I suppose the sky is literally the limit: virtual blimp, anyone?

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CES 2017: Hubblo Launches a New Era of Personal Virtual Reality Broadcasting

PR Web

Looking even further ahead, we have a personal virtual reality camera being announced at the CES show in Las Vegas. Personal virtual reality is exactly where it's all headed, amiright?  What this particular product does is use six cameras to create a 360-degree streaming video of your own (actual) reality so you can share it with others.  So it’s still disappointingly tethered to the real world. But it does clarify the importance of streaming video technology.

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