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April 18, 2019

6sense Raises $27 Million for Account-Based Marketing Orchestration

6sense Raises $27 Million for Account-Based Marketing Orchestration

Business Wire

6sense started as a predictive modeling platform but has reinvented itself as a tool for account based marketing orchestration, in part leveraging its intent data and in part by purchasing the ZenIQ ABM platform. Something must have worked, since they’ve just raised another $27 million, their first round since 2015. Total funding is now $63 million.

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Improvado Raises $8 Million for Marketing Reporting


Improvado lets non-technical users assemble marketing data from multiple sources and make it available for reporting. It doesn’t seem to build customer-level profiles, though, so it’s not a CDP. They just raised $8 million in a “super seed” round, which apparently is now a thing.

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Salesforce Buys Salesforce.Org for $300 Million


In a bit of a head scratcher, Salesforce has purchased its own nonprofit spin-off, Salesforce.org, for $300 million. The money will go the philanthropic Salesforce Foundation. Salesforce.org, which makes Salesforce software available to nonprofits at deep discounts or for free, will now be part of the for-profit Salesforce.com business. Salesforce expects the change to help it grow sales in the non-profit, education, and philanthropy sectors.

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