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April 19, 2019

Vimeo Buys Magisto to Simplify Video Creation

Vimeo Buys Magisto to Simplify Video Creation


Videos are everywhere but the quality is often abysmal. Magisto offers an AI-based system that lets non-experts improve their videos dramatically. They were just bought by Vimeo, which will add Magisto’s features into its own platform. Now your cat can do her own video without your help. That’s progress.

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Bizzabo Raises $27 Million for Event Management

Globe Newswire

Video is great but some things are still more fun in person. I’m talking about business meetings, of course. Event management system Bizzabo has just raised $27 million to expand its business, bringing total funding to $56 million.

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People Prefer Text Messages to Phone Calls and Emails: Department of the Obvious

MartechAdvisor and ClickZ

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Jamie, our Department of the Obvious intern, it turns out that assigning him to the Facebook Is Evil beat was a mistake because it’s a full time job. Jamie did stop giggling long enough to share this pair of items reporting that people would rather receive text messages than sales phone calls and are more likely to open a text message than an email. As Jamie points out, it’s also obvious this will change if text is overrun with irrelevant advertising.

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