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April 23, 2019

Facebook "Unintentionally" Uploaded 1.5 Million Email Contact Lists Without Permission

Facebook “Unintentionally” Uploaded 1.5 Million Email Contact Lists Without Permission

Business Insider

It’s a slow news day but we can always rely on Facebook. Their latest news is a report that they “unintentionally” uploaded 1.5 million new members’ email contacts without permission, an accident that continued for nearly three years. Sounds like the woman in the musical Chicago whose husband died after accidentally running into her kitchen knife…ten times.

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Small Tech Firms Back Stronger Privacy Protections in California Law

Spread Privacy

Some tech companies are trying to water down the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) before it takes force next year, but a coalition of 24 tech companies is supporting an amendment to make it stronger. The list includes privacy-focused firms like DuckDuckGo and Ghostery. No sign of Facebook, Google, Amazon or other heavy hitters on that list.

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European Parliament Toughens Online Marketplace Regulation

Venture Beat

Big tech faces a much tougher regulatory environment in Europe, where new rules hamper American rather than local firms. Fresh from passing copyright reform widely perceived as targeting Google , the European Parliament has added new rules to limit the power of Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and others who run online marketplaces.

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