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April 26, 2019

90% of Marketers See Lift from Personalization: Evergage Study

90% of Marketers See Lift from Personalization: Evergage Study


There were several random acquisitions yesterday, Dear Reader, but nothing that can’t wait to next week. So let’s give you some surveys to read over the weekend. We’ll start with this study from CDP vendor Evergage, which finds that 90% of marketers are seeing at least some lift from their personalization efforts, even though just 16% are very or extremely satisfied with their company’s efforts. Nor are they impressed with their peers: only 32% think marketers in general are getting personalization right.

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Most Marketers Underusing Their First Party Data: MightyHive Survey


Media consultancy MightyHive also found that marketers saw room for improvement in their use of data: 60% in this survey said they were using less than 40% of its potential. But nearly all (96%) were at least somewhat confident it was delivering a strong return on investment. Companies using more technology were more likely to be progressing more quickly.

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Internet Threatens Jobs, Families and Democracy and That’s the Good News: Mozilla Report


Finally, a massive study from Mozilla on the health of the Internet. It reports growing focus on all our favorite worries – privacy, AI, and big tech – and adds Internet censorship and biometric abuse to the mix. Mozilla says the worrying is good because it may lead to improvements. Worth reading.

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