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May 1, 2019

Mapp Cloud Buys Marketing Analytics Vendor Webtrekk

Mapp Cloud Buys Marketing Analytics Vendor Webtrekk

Mapp Cloud

Let’s do some enterprise product news today. We’ll start with Mapp Cloud, a self-proclaimed “badass” digital marketing system, purchasing Webtrekk, a Berlin-based marketing analytics software vendor. You’ll recall that Mapp is a combination of several firms purchased by private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners.

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Optimove CDP Adds BI Studio

PR Newswire

Optimove, a relationship marketing platform and CDP, has expanded its analytics capabilities by adding a new BI Studio based on Microsoft Power BI. Users will gain new reporting and visualization capabilities.

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SAP Adds B2B Identity and Access Management


Finally, SAP has launched a B2B version of its Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) product. It will help companies manage business partners’ and customers’ access to internal data and content while complying with privacy and data protection rules. SAP bought the Gigya CIAM system in 2017.

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