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May 8, 2019

Google Announces Chrome Changes to Reduce Cookie Sharing

Google Announces Chrome Changes to Reduce Cookie Sharing


After much breathless press speculation, Google announced incremental changes in how cookies are handled in its Chrome browser. Some data sharing will be blocked and users will gain more fine-grained control over how they are tracked. It was more roadmap than roadblock but still a step forward.

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Lattice Engines Adds Revenue Predictions

PR Newswire

CDP Lattice Engines announced updates to its Atlas platform, most notably including expanded predictive modeling for customer spend and lifetime value. They also improved integration with ad channels and Microsoft Dynamics.

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ESP Market Remains Competitive: Litmus Study


Here’s an impressively detailed study from Litmus on market share of email service providers, broken out by region, industry, company size, and more. Spoiler alert: there are some segments that Salesforce doesn’t dominate.

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