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May 10, 2019

Half of U.S. Consumers Would Not Sell Their Data

Half of U.S. Consumers Would Not Sell Their Data: Symantec Report


Lots of useful tidbits in this report from Symantec.  Turns out that 41% of U.S. consumers experienced cybercrime in the past 12 months and 65% expect to experience it in the coming 12 months; 84% want do more to protect their privacy but 43% don’t know how; 28% of social media users deleted an account due to privacy concerns in the past 12 months; 20% would give away their Internet search history for free while 45% would not sell it for any price. And so much more.

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More Online Shoppers Prefer Anonymity to Personalization: Episerver Survey


Episerver has also published a good report covering some of the same turf. They highlight the tension between personalization and privacy: 26% of shoppers say personalized experience is a higher priority now than last year yet 44% say respecting anonymity is also a higher priority. Personalized Web site content ranks dead last (9%) on the list of capabilities that online shoppers expect from merchants while free shipping (67%) ranks first.

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Direct-to-Consumer Merchant Harry’s Bought by Schick Razor Parent Edgewell Personal Care

Edgewell Personal Care

I have many more surveys but think it’s more interesting that direct-to-consumer razor merchant Harry’s is being bought for $1.37 billion by Edgewell Personal Care, which owns Schick razors, Banana Boat sunscreen, Web Ones wipes, and more. Goes to show the growing importance of direct commerce, which lets brands bypass Amazon and is powered by customer data.

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