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January 5, 2017

NGDATA Gets More Funding, Taboola Buys Commerce Sciences, Acxiom Adds Self-Service Audience Selection

NGDATA Adds $9.4 Million Funding to Expand Customer Experience Management


Customer experience management vendor NGDATA announced $9.4 million Series B funding, bringing its total to just under $28 million. NGDATA offers a Customer Data Platform with real-time analytics and rules-based opportunity detection. It moved further into execution last October when it purchased Rednun, which creates personalized videos.

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Taboola Buys Commerce Sciences, Adding Personalized Experiences to Recommendations

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Taboola recommends content to Web site visitors and Commerce Sciences gives visitors personalized and optimized Web experiences. It's a perfect match! The combination will make it easier for publishers to deliver recommended content in the most effective formats. What’s interesting here is that Commerce Sciences adjusts treatments based on situational factors such as time of day and location.

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Acxiom Adds Self-Service Access to Cross-Channel Audience Data

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Acxiom has added self-service access to its massive Audience Cloud database of cross-channel customer data, Marketers can specify segments, set up test groups, and distribute audiences to their own systems or to advertisers through Acxiom’s LiveRamp partner network.  It's just another step in making third party data more widely and easily available.

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