May 14, 2019

CDP Users Are More Successful

CDP Users Are More Successful: BlueVenn Survey


I wouldn’t ordinarily lead with a survey, but BlueVenn has released a particularly fine one on Customer Data Platforms. Bottom line: CDP users are smarter, richer, and better looking. We always knew that but now there’s proof.

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MailChimp Launches All-in-One Marketing Platform


Speaking of good looks, MailChimp has added a unified interface and repositioned itself as an all-in-one marketing platform. Users get email, landing pages, display ads, social posting, audience management, content creation, smart recommendations, and more. Pricing starts at $199 per month if I read their Web page correctly.

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Omeda Adds Content Metering for Publishers


Omeda is a sort of all-in-one system for publishers, combining a CDP, marketing automation, display ads, and social marketing. They just added a “content metering” tool that lets marketers create custom flows that present different messages as users consume gated content. Fancy.

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