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May 15, 2019

Adobe Magento Commerce Snuggles Closer to Amazon, Google, and Adobe Analytics

Adobe Magento Commerce Snuggles Closer to Amazon, Google, and Adobe Analytics


Yikes! We have enough news today to last the rest of the week. Let's start with Adobe’s enhancements to its Magento Commerce platform, including Amazon stores, Google ad campaigns, integration with Adobe Analytics, streamlined content creation, improved inventory management, and more. These were announced at Magento’s imagine 2019 conference in Las Vegas.

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Google Expands Ad Units and Shopping Features

Search Engine Land

Google is also holding an event, its Marketing Live ad product conference in San Francisco. They’ve announced a slew of automated ad units, inventory, and shopping experiences. I’ll just punt to Search Engine Land for details.

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CM Group Buys Vuture and Raises $410 Million to Grow Its Martech Portfolio

CM Group

CM Group may not be as familiar a name as Adobe or Google, but they do own Campaign Monitor, Sailthru, Delivra, Emma, and other well known products. You can add Vuture to the list – it’s a cross-channel marketing platform for legal and professional service providers. The purchase is part of a strategy to simplify martech buying by offering a portfolio of systems for different needs. CM Group just completed a $410 million financing to support further growth.

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