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May 16, 2019

Tealium Raises $55 Million to Grow Its CDP

Tealium Raises $55 Million to Grow Its CDP


The News Gods have decided to torture us this week with too much news instead of too little. Fiendish. First, CDP Tealium has raised a $55 million Series F, bringing total funding to over $160 million. The company also reports a 300% year on year increase in visitor profiles created.

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TapClicks Buys StatX for Data Visualization


Next, marketing operations platform TapClicks has purchased StatX, a data visualization and collaboration tool. TapClicks has connectors to 200+ data sources. But it focuses on marketing dashboards, workflows and budgeting, not unified customer data. So it’s not a CDP.

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Sisense Merges with Periscope Data to Support Advanced Users


Sisense also mashes together data without being a CDP. Their strength is empowering a wide range of users with data assembly, exploration and application building capabilities. They’ve just merged with Periscope Data, which targets data scientists and other experts. The combined firm will have an annual run rate over $100 million.

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