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May 20, 2019

Salesforce Outage Hits Pardot Users

Salesforce Outage Hits Pardot Users


So, how was your weekend? Probably better than whoever at Salesforce deployed a script that gave full data access to everyone at companies with a Pardot installation. Salesforce accounts were offline for as much as 15 hours as the company cleaned up the mess.

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Pegasystems Buys In The Chat to Expand Digital Customer Service


On a cheerier note, Pegasystems last week announced the purchase of In The Chat, a customer service platform that unifies text messaging, social media, live chat, email, messengers and chatbots. The product will enrich Pega’s existing customer engagement capabilities.

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Brand Networks Acquires Clickable and Launches Azalea Commerce to Monetize Retailer Web Traffic

Brand Networks

Still catching up from last week: media services provider Brand Network bought Clickable, an advertising management and reporting firm. The combined operation has been rebranded as Azalea Commerce which will help retailers sell advertising on their Web sites. Let a thousand walled gardens bloom!

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