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May 23, 2019

Freshworks Buys Natero for Complete Customer View

Freshworks Buys Natero for Complete Customer View


One of the less-recognized subspecies of Customer Data Platforms are customer success systems, which need unified customer data for their own purposes. The Natero customer success system builds a complete view, although I don’t know whether they meet the RealCDP requirement of making it accessible to other systems. I do know they were just purchased by Freshworks, a unified marketing, sales, and support system that specifically wanted Natero’s data assembly super powers.

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People.ai Raises $60 Million for Customer Activity Capture


People.ai reads email, calendars, conference, collaboration and telephone data, uses AI to identify who’s involved and extract meaning, posts the data in CRM and other systems so people don’t have to, and makes recommendations for what to do next. They just raised a $60 million Series C, possibly to fund all the words it takes to describe what they do.

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Punchh Adds Real-Time AI-Based Response to Customer Reviews

Business Wire

Punchh offers a slew of CRM, marketing automation, and analytics solutions for restaurants and retailers. They just released an AI-based tool that extracts sentiment from online reviews (pretty common) and reacts immediately with recommended responses for phone and chat agents (pretty special).

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