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May 24, 2019

What Hath GDPR Wrought?

36% of UK Consumers Feel More Trust in Data Handling After GDPR: TrustArc Survey


What's changed since the General Data Protection Regulation took effect one year ago tomorrow?  TrustArc and Ipsos found that 36% of UK consumers have greater trust in how their data is handled, which the press as spun variously as a success (“more than one third”) or failure (“only 36%”). I’d say any improvement in trust is a success these days. A global survey from Snow Software had similar results: 39% of data professionals feel more protected although 20% feel worse.

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57% of Employees Say Their Company Tightened Data Privacy After GDPR: Snow Software

Snow Software

Business attitudes are the other side of the coin. Snow found that 57% of employees felt their companies had adopted stricter data policies since GDPR, a figure that reaches 70% in Europe. DataGrail reports that just 51% of US companies were GDPR complaint by last May’s deadline although 96% expect to be compliant by May 2019. Teamblind found that 53.5% of tech workers agree their company makes customer data protection a top priority, with Apple at the top (73.6%) and Salesforce close behind (72.6%). Other martech leaders were at the bottom including Oracle (48.5%), Adobe (44.6%), and SAP (40.0%). Facebook came in at 50.7%, well behind Microsoft (62.9%), Amazon (61.9%) and Google (61.4%).

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Mobile Location Opt-Ins Fell After GDPR: Airship Report


What about actual behaviors? Two-thirds of the Snow respondents said their companies had processed more than 100 data rights requests. TrustArc found 47% of UK consumers had exercised some GDPR privacy right and 10% had made a data deletion request. Airship reported that mobile app audiences have grown and notification opt-in rates remain steady around 67% but location data opt-in rates fell from 9.3% to 7.7%.

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