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January 6, 2017

Freshdesk Adds Data Integration, SmarterHQ Eyes New Industries, Wunderman Finds Consumers Want Brands That Care

Freshdesk Acquires Data Integration Startup Pipemonk


Cloud-based customer service system provider Freshdesk has acquired Pipemonk, a small data integration vendor. This should help clients integrate Freshdesk with data from other systems, including Freshdesk’s own half-dozen acquisitions in the past 16 months. My hidden message: integration among cloud systems is possible but still not trivial, so most companies will need specialized systems like CDPs to help.

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Real-Time Customer Personalization Engine SmarterHQ Raises $13 Million


SmarterHQ provides “intelligent contextual marketing technology that powers triggered email and website campaigns that deliver the personalized experience customers demand, with minimal effort.” And it builds a unified customer database to make it happen. They just raised $13 million, bringing total financing to $33.6 million. Funding will help SmarterHQ expand beyond retail to industries including financial services and travel. When vertical specialists extend into each others’ industries, is that convergence or diffusion? Whatever it is, it’s happening. A lot.

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Wunderman Study Reveals Consumers Prefer Brands That Want Them As Customers

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This study was not issued by Wunderman’s Department of the Obvious, although it could have been. Headline finding is that 79% of consumers ages 18-65 in the US say brands must actively demonstrate "they understand and care about me" before the consumers consider purchasing. No surprise there.  Still, if you're looking to refresh that opening slide on Growing Customer Expectations, you might find some new stats in the report at www.wantedness.com.

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