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May 30, 2019

Salesforce Lets Users Create Blockchain Objects

Salesforce Lets Users Create Blockchain Objects


Salesforce has introduced a “the first low-code blockchain platform for CRM”, a claim that’s narrow enough to be true. Open source Hyperledger Sawtooth technology lets Salesforce users can create blockchain objects the same way they’d create other custom objects and share them across networks in workflows and apps. Lots of practical potential. The platform will be generally available in 2020.

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Facebook Said to Plan Its Own Cryptocurrency


More blockchain: Facebook is reportedly planning to launch its own cryptocurrency in 2020. The company has not been shy about its desire to add commerce and financial services in case privacy rules crimp its current business. It’s a perfect match: blockchain works without trust and nobody trusts Facebook.

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Apple Announces Limits on Tying Individuals to Ad Clicks


Apple doesn’t make its money from customer data, so it can more easily take the privacy high road. They’ve announced changes to their Safari Web browser that will let advertisers capture ad clicks for campaign measurement without tying the clicks to identifiable individuals. It will limit first-party as well as third-party data, so if you’re a marketer, you’re likely to be affected.

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